vendredi 4 septembre 2009

KPM -- re-uploads (cleaned, tagged, covers..)

.. to continue this post.

I just cleaned everything (renamed, cover assigned etc...)

so here are 1975-1976 1000s KPMs :

KPM 1160 - VA - Friends And Lovers (1975)
Steve Gray, Duncan Lamont, Brian Bennett, Clive Hicks.. > leisure classy pop

KPM 1162 - VA - Industry Vol. 2 (1975)
Steve Gray, Duncan Lamont, Brian Bennett, Clive Hicks.. > grooves

KPM 1163 - VA - Rock Spectrum (1975)
Steve Gray, Duncan Lamont, Brian Bennett, Clive Hicks.. > grooves

KPM 1164 - VA - Loony Tunes (1975)
Pete Winslow, Keith Mansfield, Duncan Lamont, Brian Bennett > funky pop

KPM 1167 - Anthony Mawer & Philip Lane - Outdoor Life (1975)
Philip Lane, Anthony Mawer & David Lindup > instrumental (what else...) pop.. rather classy.

KPM 1171 - VA - Impact
Keith Mansfield, John Scott, Chris Gunning > MONSTER pop.

KPM 1173 - VA - Solid Gold (1976)
Steve Gray, Duncan Lamont, Brian Bennett, Clive Hicks.. > MONSTER funky pop.

KPM 1175 - VA - Love's Theme (1976)
Keith Mansfield, Brian Bennett, Johnny Pearson.. > classy uplifting violins pop.

KPM 1178 - VA - Caricature (1976)
Clive Hicks, Dave Richmond, Steve Gray, Brian Bennett > funny grooves.

KPM 1180 - VA - Tender Emotions (1976)
Duncan Lamont, Simon Benson, James Clarke > classy grooves.

KPM 1181 - Edrich Siebert - Silver Band (1976)
> folklore/anthems

KPM 1186 - Simon Munting - The Classical Guitar Suites (1976)
> classical guitar suites (...)

enjoy and have a nice week-end.


16 commentaires:

FOULARD a dit…

On my older version of the files, the second one's file name is The Nice's track #13.

Paul Durango a dit…

right-o ! thx

GoblinScore a dit…

Sigh....I'm in a state of bliss right now, just sent an overly enthusiastic email thanking you for KPM 1175. Thank you again, this is gorgeous, and I think I'll look into all of these if they are as good as this one.

Manu a dit…

Thanks ! anyone have this libraries series ??

Anonymous a dit…

Awesome post, thank you. You can almost hear the progression over the time, Its my goal to listen entire collection this weekend.

Anonymous a dit…

le genre de post qui ne peut pas me laisser indifferent...j'adore te remerci pour partager ta passion avec nous...tu m'as fait decouvrir des trucs incroyables..mille fois merci.. jean paris

Paul Durango a dit…

Bring it on, Inalto!

Paul Durango a dit…

thx Alain, much appreciated !

Likedeeler a dit…

Great stuff, thanks! But did you notice that Solid Gold has serious digital artefacts?

Likedeeler a dit…

Forget that, it's only tracks 2, 3. Funky.

Mike a dit…

Thanks again for these quality rips.

On KPM 1175, during Steve Gray song, Autumn's Colors, there's what sounds like cell phone interference all over the recording. That sound is distinct and occurs whenever people leave their cell phones nearby to a computer; you can even hear incoming signals with your speakers.

A request: I'm not sure off the top of my head but there's a KPM called Leisure and the music is awesome. A clean, renovated version without skips would be too cool.

Damian a dit…

still no 1177 "hot wax"?...still looking

REEF a dit…

can anyone re-up KPM 1210 Pictures In The Mind?

Hanimex 3000 a dit…

bon tout ça c'est bien cool mais comment on fait quand il manque des tracks ????

- Keith Mansfield "Solid Gold"
- David Lindup & Alan Parker A2"Take a Break" A4"Wistful Interlude" (kpm 1112)
- ...

zéro réponse sur foxplay/mpoisk... Anyone?


Paul Durango a dit…

bah on va sur soulseek parce que Durango il peut pas re-up

Yura a dit…

I have like 170 SPM's, who need that rip's cheap, contact me my email: yoriks(.)one@gmail(.)com