jeudi 24 septembre 2009

KPM 1192 - Alan Hawkshaw - The Road Forward (1977) == re-ripped, post-processed, better

RIPPED BY DELERIOUS-1 on 09-04-09 !


Alan Hawkshaw - A1 - Current Affairs
Alan Hawkshaw - A2 - Current Affairs (A)
Alan Hawkshaw - A3 - The Road Forward
Alan Hawkshaw - A4 - Sky Train
Alan Hawkshaw - A5 - Sky Train (A)
Alan Hawkshaw - A6 - Get Ready, Get Set - Fly
Alan Hawkshaw - A7 - Man Of Means
Alan Hawkshaw - A8 - Destination Venus
Alan Hawkshaw - A9 - Merry Go Round

Alan Hawkshaw - B1 - Strangelands
Alan Hawkshaw - B2 - Sheer Elegance
Alan Hawkshaw - B3 - Crusing
Alan Hawkshaw - B4 - Mystique Voyage
Alan Hawkshaw - B5 - Strangeways
Alan Hawkshaw - B6 - A Man Alone

Freshly re-ripped/enhanced @ 320 kbps!

100Mb of pleasure.

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litlgrey a dit…

Ah! Thanks very much!

house303 a dit…

Yes! Thank you to the uploader...An amazing work by Alan Hawkshaw...
Very appreciated!

Paul Durango a dit…

Kudos to you friend ; this public service wouldn't be as awesome as it is without soldiers like ya!

aceha1 a dit…

thanks a LOT for this!!!!! once again, I just LOVE this blog! Thanks Delirious!!!!!!

Jazzjet a dit…

Many thanks for this one.

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