samedi 14 janvier 2012

CAM - Jean-Pierre Decerf & Mike Baroty - Publipot

Another one from the great Jean-Pierre Decerf!

01 the sea spell
02 gladsome moments
03 phantasm in the night
09 the madman run around
10 brazilian ballad

A must have. -- HERE --

4 commentaires:

Stack a dit…

Welcome back! Congrats on your album... and thanks much for all these new shares.


Diogo Agade a dit…

Congratulations for your blog!

I'm looking for a bgm, I've looked at myapm and much other sources, but until now I couldn't find anything very promising.

Maybe you can help me..

Here's a snippet:

It's a loop. Lately I've heard it in some TV shows as bgm and heard it in a more complete, e.g, here:

You can hear it at 4m35s.

If you have any tip or clue, please let me know.

Best regards!

the saucer people a dit…

Wow, Paul, been searching for ages for a rip of Publipot, I had thought you had hung up your blogging shoes for the moment to concentrate on your music, thats why I didn't visit in 2012, well more fool me!

Anyway, happy 2103 and hope everything is cool and groovy as the kids no longer say ;)

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