vendredi 20 août 2010

Bang Bang Robot - La Guerre des Etoiles (Star Wars) (1977)

as requested..

the TOTAL disco

I assume tracks 1 & 2 are rips from this vinyl :

then track 3 is from :


4 commentaires:

khoral a dit…

This is awesome.

Paul Durango a dit…

thx for the infos, guys!

the saucer people a dit…

I thought I had already heaped huge praise on ya for sharing the Bang Bang Robot tracks! (Maybe the one sad thing about transferring is the fact the comments don't come as well!...or do they?!?) ... anyway, this is classic cosmic disco music and shocking it is not more well known.

Alexxander Genntellman a dit…

I'm from Argentina. My name is alejandro and i'm a Cosmic Disco Fan. I'm very happy with this unique & ultra underground material. Thank you very much Friend!!

My email is

Also i'm in facebook as: Alex G Valentino

Contact me i have so many records too!!!

Best Regards: Alejandro.