mercredi 9 juin 2010

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[L'Illustration Musicale] - IM 01 - Eddie Warner - Big Band Beat (1972)

[L'Illustration Musicale] - IM 06 - The Eddie Warner Band - Big Band And Medium Combo

[L'Illustration Musicale] - IM 09 - The Roger Morris Band - Light And Strong Beat

[L'Illustration Musicale] - IM 10 - Johnny Hawksworth - Comedy & Big Beat

[L'Illustration Musicale] - IM 12 - Eric Swan & Eddie Warner - 100% Electronic (1971)

[L'Illustration Musicale] - IM 17 - Eddie Warner & Georges Teperino - Strictly Rhythmical and Rhythmical Melodies

[L'Illustration Musicale] - IM 18 - Roger Roger - Melodies with a Beat

[L'Illustration Musicale] - IM 19 - VA - Animals, Children (1976)

[L'Illustration Musicale] - IM 21 - Nino Nardini - Nature Nocturne

[L'Illustration Musicale] - IM 23 - Bernard Fèvre - The Strange World Of Bernard Fèvre (1975)

[L'Illustration Musicale] - IM 24 - Jacky Giordano - The Jacky Giordano Organ

Everything has been reprocessed and/or tagged

C'est l'illu, Lulu.

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litlgrey a dit…

I don't need any of these, but then again, they are ALL varying levels of greatness - so thanks for doing this!

Paul Durango a dit…

indeed and thx to original uploaders btw ;-)

nikolaj a dit…

Alan Parker - Sound Stage 4 - is that something you could possibly upload? I'm willing to trade for it...

Armpit Studios a dit…

Midnight Feeling on IM24 has some cell phone interference at around 1:04 into it. I thought I heard some elsewhere on one of these albums, but thought it was from my own phone; until I realized I didn't have it turned on.

aceha1 a dit…

Ahhhhhh thank you kind sir! You are the man!

litlgrey a dit…

"Music Of Today / Music Of Tomorrow" is a positively brilliant one.

Percy Trout a dit…

Thanks for re-posting these. Amazingly enough, I didn't have any of these. Now I have them to play on my next radio program. Thanks!

hspussy a dit…

bravo.thank you,thank you,thank you!!!!

Armpit Studios a dit…

Found another problem. L'Illustration Musical Number 10, the channels are out of phase. I inverted the left channel on every track and they all sound great now.


Among all these Illustration Musicale
download here shines as the best the
"Melodies with a beat" by Roger and is pretty new as it is the first time downloadable on the web.
Big thanks to original uploader.

Still amazed how tracks like "Early love" or "Velevet clouds" are still pretty fresh musically and slighty retro smelly vintage sounding these days!

This IM 18 LP just fit the summer incredibly high volume on the sea or on lying the hot summer veranda!

Roger should have known such pleasant time made by little nature things : i find in his music
would be great to suggest refrences for such IM library track
they are not (fortunately) only background music!

I understood how this album went on air on Radio Television Belgique in the mid seventies !

thanks again

italian CDR army

litlgrey a dit…

Thanks for finding that needle in a haystack, Matthew !!

totalrod2 a dit…

Paul, glad to see you're still doing the music blogs. Some great stuff here. Thanks!! I know I haven't talked to you in a LONG time. But is there any chance you could email me your slsk username? I lost it!

JBG a dit…

This may be the best music blog on the internet. Thanks for sharing; especially all the KPMs!


Hi Paul

compliments for the blog and your astounding self made music.
regsrding this IM re-posts
do you can supply
Jacky Giordano Organ Plus Im 26

as once i had it on the offline music library but now i have lost it.

thanks ,if you can do, or is the same.