vendredi 5 mars 2010

[Chappell] - LPC 1053 - Mad Dog - Pop Sounds - Music By David Holland [1973]

Provided by Alain (who rocks by the way) here's a FLAC share! and a great one!

01 Motoroller
02 Girlpower
03 Sun Train
04 Uncle Bill
05 Jam Roll Rock
06 Bird Of Paradise
07 Killer
08 Night Flight
09 Water Girl
10 Dying Flame
11 Sticks 'N' Stones
12 The Red Elephant
13 Dream Child
14 Rollin' Along

2 parts on rapidshare : (1) (2)


3 part on uploading : (1) (2) (3)


5 commentaires:

litlgrey a dit…

This is from that brief period when the British LPC's are all as vital to hear as the French DMMs!

shoebird a dit…

Paul, I just came across this Dewolfe album called "Strut Your Rump". The musicians on it are F. MacDonald and C. Rae, cover by Nick Bantock (I'm assuming not the same as Griffin and Sabine, but you never know). Can't find it anywhere online, but there are some amazing groove tracks on it. I have no means of vinyl ripping, any chance you have it?

jason a dit…

Superb Album Paul, Thanx. I wonder if you have anything by Eric Vincent? especially a track called "Je Suis Venu De Loin" would be grateful for any info. Cheers mate.

litlgrey a dit…

Wow! De Filippi - what an unexpected surprise!

Vinyl Room a dit…

Great album with many thanks, I wonder what that strange noise is between each track.