mardi 28 juillet 2009

[Omnimusic] - OM 127 - VA - Tension (1983)

This one is a winner.

Ripped by James from Boston, MA => THX a bunch!

Supa greatly produced and mixed 'tension & suspense' stuff à la Micalizzi, Howie Shore or early 80s japanese cop flicks.. Yet from NYC.
Great piece of library, really highly recommended.

A01 - Doug Wood - Adrenaline
A02 - Doug Wood - Undercurrent
A03 - Doug Wood - Covert Operations
A04 - Doug Wood - Climax
A05 - Leer Paul Leary - Nowhere To Run
A06 - Doug Wood - Emotion Cue #1
A07 - Doug Wood - Emotion Cue #2
A08 - Doug Wood - Emotion Cue #3
A09 - Doug Wood - Emotion Cue #4
A10 - Doug Wood - Emotion Cue #5

B01 - John Van Eps - Prowler
B02 - Bob Palladino - Blowout
B03 - Marc Rosen - Intensive Care
B04 - Marc Rosen - The Connection
B05 - Marc Rosen - Twilight
B06 - Marc Rosen - Claws
B07 - Marc Rosen - Alien

64 Mb @ 256k <> here <>

Rare rare stuff so do enjoy!

Be seing ya

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Bob a dit…


litlgrey a dit…

From Long Island? I can guarantee as someone who could have taken the LIRR from Bayside to Port Washington back in 1983, that I had never heard of a label there called Omnimusic.

aceha1 a dit…

You're back you're back you're back!!!!

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Anonymous a dit…

Nice to see you back from the break. I've been waiting for a long time for Andy Clark's "A Higher State", can you pls post :)

Killa a dit…

Thanks. Omnimusic???? but Doug Wood - Adrenaline fuckin awesome

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totalrod2 a dit…

I have one of these records. (from 52 Main ST. Port Washington NY. 11050). But the company is listed as "Cabletrax" NOT Omnimusic. I think it's time to rip this baby. I've had the record since 1986 when my dad worked for the cable company. He must've forgotten about it and it was never returned....that's how I ended up with it. I promise to have it uploaded by the end of the week!

pollux a dit…

magnifique, merci beaucoup!

klaudiofor a dit…

a huge thanx

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