mercredi 20 mai 2009

The 2nd brutal BRUTONs post

[Bruton] - BRI 01 - Alan Hawkshaw & co. - Terrestrial Journey (1978)
(nice disco-ish ambient sounds. 1978 is good.)

[Bruton] - BRK 09 - VA - High Tension
(tracks from Z. Lawrence, J. Scott, J. Clarke & J. Cameron = score for your 1980 killer/cop movie ! pretty nice.)

[Bruton] - BRL 04 - Francis Monkman - Futurama (1979)
(late 70s electro. Exactly my kind of humour)

[Bruton] - BRL 32 - Unknown - Hydropower (Hot Donuts)
((very) early 80s rock.. lots of interesting electro sounds. A bit cheesy. That's a Bruton allright. Not a De Wolfe! :) library freak joke inside™)

[Bruton] - BRM 01 - VA - Menace
(Brassy suspense vintage tracks)

[Bruton] - BRN 02 - Keith Mansfield & Johnny Pearson - Impressive Scenes
(brassy, orchestra pop and soundscapes.. sounds early 70s)

[Bruton] - BRN 03 - Unknown - Progress
(pretty decent late 70s library.. 'brassy and orchestra' cues. nice production)

[Bruton] - BRP 09 - VA - Musical Interludes (1987)
(Jim Lawless, Steve Gray, Simon Benson & Eugenio Grandi on this one. INTERLUDES. violas, violins, lounge thingies.. hmm.)

Not my rips / Credits go to original uploaders!

Covers for the missing ones would be great !

See ya!

5 commentaires:

Anonymous a dit…

j'empile les merci poor ca et l'reste !
la pochette du brm 01 ce troove la :
joli site ,mais on tooche avec les yeux...

Anonymous a dit…

le brk 9 possède d'EXcellents moments... mon seul Bruton pour l'instant. G

fslmy a dit…

thanks paul and whoever was involved with bringing it all the way to this blog

Anonymous a dit…

thanks man Brutons are deff. the best. Do you have Brian bennetts Nature Watch and Tone Poems

Danny! a dit…

Hey Paul! "Hot Doughnuts" is BRG 32, not BRL. "Hydropower" is one of the songs from the LP. I have a very, very small thumbnail of the cover if you are interested?