dimanche 14 décembre 2008

[RCA] - RCM 17 - Roland Bocquet - Robot Bleu (1982)

aaahhhh.. Robot Bleu.

A1 - Roland Bocquet - Robot Bleu
A2 - Roland Bocquet - Moto
A3 - Roland Bocquet - L'Abeille
A4 - Roland Bocquet - Présentations
A5 - Roland Bocquet - Asia
A6 - Roland Bocquet - Exotique
A7 - Roland Bocquet & Dany Darmont - Vampyr

B1 - Roland Bocquet - Dancing
B2 - Roland Bocquet & Dany Darmont - Drive In
B3 - Roland Bocquet - Fête
B4 - Roland Bocquet - La Suite D'Elsa
B5 - Roland Bocquet - La Suite D'Elsa (Piano)
B6 - Roland Bocquet - Van


here at 320kbps + artwork (82 Mb)

And for our dear lossless freaks friends, here it is in .wav format (that's 2 x 185 Mb.....) : part 1 / part 2

It appears i just spent my sunday afternoon riping records ;-)

9 commentaires:

Goldy a dit…

yes also very appreciative

ghost digga a dit…

j'ai passé dimanche a ripper aussi qq galettes ...some few of them deja dans mon bac !
merci a toi poor toot tes efforts qui enricissent mon ouie !!!

house303 a dit…

Fantastic post as usual!

Thank you Paul for keeping this place one of the most amazing blog around...I'm sure you're making Library Hunters happy every time you come up with some new stuff...and those last three are AWESOME shares...

Thank you!


Jessums a dit…

Yay! I'm excited to hear this one, as Robot Rose is so great!


Kouros Falati a dit…

Thanks so much for this. I was searching for it ever since I heard Robot Rose.

Anonymous a dit…

Nuff uckin respect u da man!

fluent a dit…

any chance you want to sell this one? let me know

Anonymous a dit…

After hearing Robot Rose, I have been tearing my hair trying to find this. Thank you so much for your efforts in posting this!! What a treasure! :-)

pabloplato a dit…

any chance this can be re-uploaded?
i'm late for the party :(